Transitioning Into a Healthier Lifestyle | The Story Behind NaturalVim

The story behind NaturalVim is a very personal one, and one we couldn’t tell it alone.  Our founder Demis Tambo and his stories and experiences are the backbone of this organization; none of this would have been possible without him. 

How it all Started

​NaturalVim was founded by Demis Tambo in 2018 with one goal in mind: guiding others to a healthy lifestyle. It all started when he came to a point in his life where he knew it was time to make a change.  While telling his story can be hard sometimes, the struggles he went through made him want to help others that much more. 

At his heaviest, he was 210 pounds. As he continued his unhealthy eating habits and made little effort to be active, he watched his health deteriorate more and more each day. His doctor said his cholesterol was getting too high, and he had elevated levels of stomach acid.  His mental health was also declining; he started to experience depression and low self-esteem, making the task of finding motivation to improve his life that much more impossible.  When another life-altering event happened, something triggered inside of him, and he knew the time for change was now or never.  Once he was able to get his own life on the right track, he knew he wanted to help others do the same, and thus NaturalVim was born.

A Painful Loss Ignited Motivation

Enduring the tragic loss of one’s mother can be devastating, and Demis’ experience here was no exception.  This loss became one of the main reasons NaturalVim was ultimately founded.

Similar to him, his mother had unhealthy eating habits; these habits eventually led to her being diagnosed with diabetes in her mid-40’s.  Just a few years later, a tumor was found in her spinal cord and she was diagnosed with cancer. She went through an operation, chemotherapy, and radiation, but nothing was able to cure her. She was given less than one year to live because the cancer she had was deemed inoperable.

It was heartbreaking when the doctors said they did all they could do and that the next step would be to put her in hospice. To make matters worse, they said she wouldn’t pass peacefully as the tumor in her spinal cord would paralyze all of her body’s systems, including her respiratory system; this would restrict her breathing so much so that it would eventually just stop altogether. Hospice was able to give her pain medication to relieve the pain, but they could not promise a pain-free death as her condition was very severe and agonizing.
Since this was not the way he or his siblings wanted their mother to go, they had to make a very difficult decision. They decided to try a different option by sending their mother to a doctor who specializes in alternative, natural medicine in Peru, their home country. When the Naturopathic doctor examined their mother, he also agreed that nothing could be done, but he did assure them that he’d do all he could so she would pass away without any pain. Shortly after arriving in Peru, their mother passed away peacefully at age 54 without any pain, as promised.

Wake-up Call from a Dream

One night, Demis had a vivid dream that would be the turning point for him and his health.

In this dream, he was going about his normal day when suddenly he felt his left arm go completely numb. Just seconds later, his entire body shut down and collapsed.  While he was falling to the floor and everything was turning black, he realized it was a heart attack.  The first thing that came to his mind was his family: his wife and two beautiful children.  The sheer panic and fear he felt from losing his family in that deeply realistic dream woke him up in a sweat in the middle of the night. 

In this moment he knew he could no longer allow himself to sit back and let his poor habits take control of his life. He knew not only did he feel poorly then, but these habits could lead to him acquiring more serious health risks and diseases down the line.  One of his worst fears was a premature death like his mother.  Between the state of his health and the passing of his mother, he made the decision to overhaul his lifestyle and began looking for ways to turn his health and overall life around. After all, he wanted to grow old with his beloved wife, support his children into adulthood, and be able to see his grandchildren grow up. 

Why We Use Products from Peru

While Demis already knew about the benefits of plant-based foods, his father soon introduced him to maca and other natural products from Peru that he was incorporating into his own lifestyle to support his health.  Being from Lima, Peru himself, he was enticed to give these new foods a try, and was soon incorporating many of them into his everyday diet.

In fact, Peru grows many natural superfoods rich in flavor and nutrition, containing various healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more.  Because of the high quality of these foods, and the myriad of health benefits they provide, we are dedicated to sourcing only high quality, certified organic foods from Peru.  Just as he started incorporating these organic Peruvian superfoods into his lifestyle, now so can you.  

How Natural Superfoods Worked for Our Founder

NaturalVim’s founder saw amazing results after he made these changes in his life.  After slowly incorporating natural superfoods into his daily routine, he lost 40 pounds, was able to lower his cholesterol, and was no longer taking medication for high stomach acid. Aside from switching to plant-based foods, he also changed his mindset.  Knowing that he only had to start with small changes to his meals made it that much easier for him to gradually change his entire lifestyle.  Now, not only has he minimized his risk of acquiring a life-threatening disease, but he feels better.  He is happier, more energetic and productive, and has been able to enjoy each and every day with his family.

While his health was steadily improving, he couldn’t help but to think back to his mother.  He wished he had known then what he did now about these superfoods, and often wonders if they could have helped her before it was too late.  This motivates him to this day, and is a backbone to why NaturalVim is so important.  We want to spread the knowledge that a healthier lifestyle doesn’t only impact your appearance, but plays a huge role in your overall quality of life.

The First Steps to a New You

We truly believe that everyone is capable of living a better lifestyle simply by making one healthier choice each day.  One choice will lead to two, and maybe even three.  While you are working on making those changes, your mindset is also altering, and your body is transitioning for the better with it.  It’s possible for anyone to work toward a healthier lifestyle, especially when its just one step at a time.

We ask you now, let your first step be with NaturalVim.

Demis Tambo
NaturalVim Founder
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