NaturalVim founder runs a marathon

Running a marathon this November was one of the hardest things our founder had ever done… and he claims he can’t want to do it again.

NaturalVim’s founder, Demis Tambo, is 37 years old, and never could have imagined himself running 26.2 miles… 26.2 miles!  That number seemed absurd to him, and just two years prior he would have laughed at the thought of it.  So what happened? What motivated him to make it so far?

Just two years ago, he was at a low; he was overweight, depressed, and had no goals in life.  One night, he had a vivid dream of enduring a heart attack that become a turning point for him.  As he tells us, this dream was incredibly realistic, it completely shook him to his bones. Not only was he terrified of the experience itself, but what it would put his family and loved ones through.  His views on health and life goals took a 180’ that day.

Changing his health was actually what led him to starting a business that would help people make better health choices with superfood supplements.  You can read more about this part of his journey here.

Demis’ running journey began on an August summer night when his wife signed him and his two boys up for a run at Six Flags Great Adventure.  It wasn’t a race that people ran competitively or to improve their person record; this was a fun superhero run at night where they threw glowing powder on you as you crossed certain checkpoints. Being honest with himself, he knew he didn’t want to run this race; he wanted to be at home working on more ideas for the business he was building. However, it turned out this race would change his view of running forever.

He isn’t completely sure what it was, but when the horn went off at the starting line, he remembers something inside of him igniting. He put his 7-year-old son on his shoulder (who weighed about 67 pounds by the way!) and took off. It was around the first mile that he started to slow down, but his son kept saying “Daddy don’t give up, don’t ever give up, keep going!”  Those words from his son were powerful. They motivated him the rest of way, and they finished the race together.

This event had him pondering for weeks on how his body was able to endure almost a mile with an additional 67 pounds on his shoulder.  It made him realize that he made the right decision by going plant-based and incorporating the superfood supplements into his diet.  Those plant-based products gave him an endurance and stamina he could have fathomed before.

On August 16th, he went for another run, this time 2.6 miles.  Only 13 runs later he was already doing 7 miles. By his 20th he did his first half marathon.

While he was running his first half marathon, there was a lot on his mind. He was thinking about his mother and how she made a lot of unhealthy choices; it was because of these choices that she was diagnosed with diabetes and cancer.  That made him consider even more about his health and why he should keep running:  because he believed in making healthier choices and he believed in the products his business sold.

On the 32nd run, he ran 18.33 miles and told himself that he was going to run the Philadelphia marathon on November 24th.  The reason he decided to run the marathon was to represent health and the NaturalVim business.

Demis Tambo at the Philadelphia Marathon on November 24th, 2019

As he ran the marathon, he felt dizzy 3 times and the backs of his legs started to cramp. He reminded himself that it’s how you finish, and he was going to finish it hard! … And he did.  The marathon was Demis’ 43rd run since August 16th, and his finish time was 4:36:34.  He thanks God for giving him the belief and strength to finish that race.

Demis Tambo crossing the Philadelphia Marathon finish line, November 24th, 2019

Demis Tambo official marathon time at the Philadelphia Marathon, November 24th, 2019

Two years ago, our founder never could have fathomed running a marathon.  Yet, this past November he did just that.  He is a testament to everything NaturalVim stands for. If you believe in yourself, find the right motivation, and continue to push… anything is possible.