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Portable Protein Shaker


Protein Shaking Made Easy with the NaturalVim Portable Shaker

  • Stainless Steel & BPA-Free
  • USB Rechargeable, Lightweight, & Portable
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Protein Pod for Powder Storage
  • No More Lumpy Shakes!
Product Details

Capacity: Up to 600ml
Speed: 16,000 rpm
Stainless Steel & BPA-Free Acrylic
Included Accessory: 40″ (101.6cm) USB charging cable
Dimensions: 8.5cm width (top) / 6cm width (base) x 23cm height


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Portable Shaker

lightweight and portable, blend in 30 seconds or less, leak-proof, usb charging, 600ml capacity, stainless steel and bps free
lightweight and portable, blend in 30 seconds or less, leak-proof, usb charging, 600ml capacity, stainless steel and bps free

Protein Shaking Evolved

With the scientifically engineered, rechargeable, and portable NaturalVim Shaker, blending your protein shakes, powdered drinks, and supplements has never been easier!

No More Lumps

The powerful 16,000 rpm high torque motor and scientifically designed rotating blade ensures a better tasting, smooth, and lump-free shake while maintaining nutritional integrity in 30 seconds or less.

Portable & USB Rechargeable

This lightweight and compact device is made for convenience.  Use anywhere you want to make your shakes, whether it be at the gym, work, while traveling or at home.

The UBS rechargeable lithium-ion battery means no need for cords and outlets while using, no struggling with carrying or replacing batteries, and re-charge anywhere you can charge via USB. The NaturalVim shaker also comes with a special Protein Pod to store your powders when on-the-go.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with the detachable base; hand wash or use the dishwasher for the cup and lid.


The NaturalVim Portable Shaker is made with BPA-free acrylic and stainless steal, making it safe and environmentally friendly.

How to Use

  1. Fill the shaker with a liquid of your choice
  2. Add protein powder or other powdered supplement
  3. Close the lid tightly before mixing
  4. Push the power button on the base to activate the motor
  5. After 10-30 seconds of blending, Voilà, your shake is ready!
naturalvim shaker showing each component of the device separated

Perfect for a Variety of Uses

Nutritional & Dietary Supplements

Protein Powder
Pre & Post Workout Formulas
Diet & Meal Replacement Shakes

Everyday Food & Beverage

Juices, Drinks & Cocktails
Eggs & Batters
Baby Formula

NaturalVim Protein & Performance Powders

Great for use with the NaturalVim Shaker!

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1 review for Portable Protein Shaker

  1. kharyandmelissa (verified owner)

    This blender is perfect for on the go! Just fill with liquid of your choice and head out! You can store the protein powder in the container attached and pour and blend when your ready! I didn’t try it with ice not sure if it will blend ice. It blends the protein and milk very smoothly. Awesome worth every penny.

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